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Postnatal Anxiety by Justine Adler

Recently I was fortunate to be on a safari observing a lioness stalk a water buffalo and its one-day old calf. Here in the wild, the calf’s life was completely in her mother’s hands. It was clear what a huge sense of responsibility it was for the mother buffalo and the importance of her never […]

Infant sleep helpful hints, countdown to Xmas!

I recently attended a Conference for Early Childhood health professionals and I am always pleasantly surprised that I am still able to take away interesting and sometimes provocative propositions from different experts in our industry. One of the sessions of course, was about infant sleep presented by a Senior Nurse Educator at Tresillian, well qualified […]

Introducing Solids to your Baby

The time has come to think about introducing solids into your baby’s diet, and for different reasons which may be relevant and suitable for your baby; Your baby has come of age somewhere between 4-6 months where the additional nutrition other than milk feeds is a necessary next step for growth and development Your baby […]

How To Shop Smart in Preparation for your New Baby

Your first baby is due in just a few short months and the preparation has begun. Setting up nursery, cots, clothes, bath, change table, pram and many dollars later…..scary thought? And lots of helpful suggestions from the girlfriends, family, Facebook friends…..the baby business is a booming business! I am going to suggest that these shopping […]

Unsettled babies – how do we help them sleep?

Recently the topical subject of “controlled comforting” for sleep challenged babies was highlighted in mainstream media…again. It was supported by a study by researchers at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne which followed 225 children aged 6 who were involved in an earlier behavioural sleep study as infants. http://www.mcri.edu.au/news/2010/march/’controlled-crying’.aspx Parents with babies and sleep […]