How can we help your Newborn, Baby or Toddler Sleep?

As experienced Registered Mothercraft and Early Parenting Nurses we are qualified to assess and identify the cause of your baby or toddler’s sleep problems.

For example:

  • Sleep issues may require a revision of current feeding and day/night routines .
  • There may be a family history of digestive issues such as reflux, colic or food intolerances or allergies?
  • Current medications may not be well tolerated or the dosage needs to be reviewed by the appropriate Health Professional.
  • Are there any developmental or medical health concerns that may need referrals to the appropriate health professional.
  • Do your expectations need to be adjusted a little with the correct information and our shared knowledge and experience?
  • Each child’s sleep needs are individual just like adults. Some need more sleep and others are happy, alert and relaxed on less. No “one size fits all”.