10 Pro Tips for a toddler safe home

Supervision is the key to child safety, but you can’t watch them 24/7!

Best Pro Tip, put kids safety Apps on first screen of your phone eg First Aid CPR/Bites and Stings/Allergy pal/Health Direct/Emergency Plus

  • Poisons Information Centre is 13 11 26
  • Try getting down on the floor yourself so you have the same perspective as your baby or toddler.
  • Power sockets can be protected with plastic covers which you can buy at hardware or speciality stores.
  • Check that there isn’t any furniture or similar that your baby can pull on top of himself/herself such as wine racks, computers, book shelves.
  • Make sure computer/TV/extension cords and cables are out of the way, including power boards.
  • Keep all dangerous substances out of reach of children
  • Never transfer dangerous substances to unlabelled or old containers, such as soft drink bottles.
  • Don’t put chairs, boxes, beds or anything that a child could climb onto underneath a window/ tables and ledges.
  • Keep pan handles turned away from the edge of the cooktop
  • Keep small fridge magnets out of the reach of children – they can be a choking hazard
  • Keep plastic bags out of reach