What is a Mothercraft Nurse?

What is a Mothercraft Nurse? Some clients declare us as a “parenting godsend” of baby and toddler sleep for every new Mum or Dad, indeed for the whole family.

At Mothercraft for Babies, we want to empower you with the skills and confidence to implement a practical, customised solution for your baby or toddler’s feeding, sleeping and routine issues so the whole family will thrive not just survive! 

“We had fallen into a difficult cycle where the days and nights were back to front, we were (unwillingly) co-sleeping, my baby could only settle to sleep by being nursed and some nights he would breastfeed 10+ times a night. He was also grumpy during awake windows and not eating solids. We were all in survival mode. Surviving but not thriving….” 

Why are we considered postnatal experts? Our Nursing skills and qualifications were gained at either Tresillian or Karitane in Sydney which means you can entrust your newborn, baby or toddler in our safe hands. As health professionals we are all registered with AHPRA. Add to that our depth of experience, knowledge and accumulated wisdom and we are experts at assessing how mum, dad, baby and toddler are managing, both physically and mentally. 

Mothercraft Nurses are trained to identify underlying causes and sometimes medical issues that must be addressed first before resolving any feeding, sleeping and behavioural problems. Sometimes the problem is simple – a revisit of the feeding strategy. Sometimes the problem is more complicated – bub has an intolerance/allergy or gut issue. Being part of a Paediatric Specialist network allows Mothercraft Nurses to refer on and ensure parents are receiving the right professional help for their babies and toddlers. 

Our specialist focus is on breastfeeding and establishing lactation, proven evidence based baby and toddler sleep strategies, transitioning to bottle feeding, practical day and bedtime routines, infant and toddler nutrition and building a healthy toddler connection and parenting tools. 

“As a single first-time parent who had to go back to work when my baby was 8 weeks old, I could not have managed without Stacie’s help. She even came to my office (in the torrential rain) to help me put together a plan for making sure his sleep is consistent on days when he’s in the office with me. I’m planning to contact Mothercraft for Babies again for assistance with transitioning my baby to solids and anytime after that when I might need help. Both Beth and Stacie are able to give practical, evidence-based advice for babies at all stages of development.” Claire Neilsen. 

Today, we are often asked to share our advice and education with the whole family, including Grandparents, Nannies and caregivers because it’s a huge adjustment for everyone. 

Our Mothercraft for Babies team services the Eastern suburbs, including Double Bay, Bondi, Maroubra and Randwick. 

We offer a range of consultation packages to suit your individual needs including in- home with one of our wonderful Mothercraft Nurses or Sleep Coaching programs by Phone or Video with our Founder and Director, Beth Barclay. 

We encourage partners to be involved in our consultation programs and to be an active part of the parenting journey to achieve shared goals. 

And our many wonderful reviews and testimonials are such a gratifying testament to our years of success working with parents, newborns and toddlers. 

“When Mateo was born we bought the Snoo because our first born was a terrible sleeper. I’d honestly spend your money on Beth instead of the Snoo if you’re worried about sleep and wanting to nail a routine for your baby…..” Rachel Reid.