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We follow current health guidelines from the NSW Health Dept as a result of current COVID-19 protocols. It is important to advise us if you or anyone in your family is experiencing any flu like symptoms prior to booking an in home consultation. We want to keep both you and us safe.

Mothercraft for Babies has earned its enviable reputation as a specialist Early Parenting and Baby Sleep Consultancy by understanding that becoming a parent is a huge adjustment for the whole family.  Our Nursing qualifications, experience and knowledge will help you overcome any problematic sleep, feeding, routine management or toddler behavioural issues from newborns to three year olds.

Our Registered Mothercraft Nurses and Midwives are Sydney metro based and will come to your home for a one on one consultation with you and your partner/family.

Phone or Video consultation packages maybe better suited for some families needs and can be booked online or by contacting Beth Barclay, our Founder and Director via the website Contact form for a free 15 minute consultation.

Every family and parenting style is different so there is no “one size fits all” in our approach.  We will ensure you have the knowledge, support and tools to move forward plus a detailed Care Plan and follow up support.

Packages & Products

We offer a range of consultation packages and educational products to suit your needs

Becoming a parent is like someone teaching you how to drive a car and then on the big day,
revealing you’ll actually be flying a plane.

– @themomatlaw

We will help you fly that plane!

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5 "realities" you may not be expecting in your newborn’s first 12 weeks.

There’s no doubt that life changes pretty dramatically for new parents in the first 12 weeks or 4th trimester of a newborn’s life. All the research and preparation you can devour during your pregnancy doesn’t quite prepare you for the reality of this little person who completely depends on you for their every need 24/7.

#googlereview   I cannot recommend Beth from Mothercraft for Babies enough. I live in Central West NSW and had two video chats with Beth – despite not being face – to – face Beth was very understanding and easy to talk to. I suffer from PND and was having panic attacks due to my son’s behaviour – Beth gave me tools to assist with moving m very attached 2y9mo boy after 6 months co – sleeping to his own bed. Just doing this has helped with his behaviour (was anyone actually getting enough sleep?). Beth continuously checked in and sent encouraging messages which seemed to be exactly when I needed them.

We have successfully transferred him to his bed and that is 100% thanks to Beth’s gentle tools and methods. Honestly, if you’re struggling as a parent or have sleep issues with your child, contact Mothercraft for Babies, it’s that easy!!!.

Mallory - July 2020

Beth was one of the best gifts we found on our journey with a very unsettled bub. He was our first, had severe reflux and we were overwhelmed. Beth was a consistent, gentle guiding hand (by phone) that went over and beyond to help us access the Specialists we needed whilst maintaining our sanity.

She has again provided a reassuring touch stone with our second bub when guidance was needed. I will continue to recommend Beth to anyone who needs help. Her desire to help is genuine and she’ll happily find that help from others when needed. No arrogance in Beth, just a keen interest in helping families.

Kathy - May 2020

Just touching base to say Thankyou for your guidance and help with Patricia. I felt very comfortable speaking with you and your encouragement over the days of support was great. I appreciate your caring approach and especially grateful for your in-depth understanding of what we go through as a new Mum! I feel I have someone I can reach out to now when things go haywire which I didn’t have before . Sometimes problem solving baby stuff just doesn’t come naturally to me ! Patricia is making progress. Our day is more structured now thanks to you so we both know what comes next and we’re both more content . We still have our challenging days but are on the improve from before that’s for sure!

Angie - May 2020

Beth is a fantastic Mothercraft Nurse who is not only passionate and caring about treating babies and their families. But individually tailors her advice/treatment plan to meet the baby/toddler’s needs whilst also incorporating the parents needs/belief patterns and coping strategies. She sets realistic goals and normalises a new parent’s expectations. I have had both personal and professional experiences with Beth and would highly recommend her and her team of caring nurses.

Annette/Principal - Sans Souci Physiotherapy

Since our last video consult I have also been meaning to let you know that we are doing so well! Slow and steady win the race. End of January he started sleeping through the night consistently and now self settles for most sleeps … naps 1.5 hours 2 X a day. He’s commando crawling, clapping and babbling, so all happening here. I’m in such a better head space too. Thank you – my new mantra (thanks to you) is – what is the worst thing that can happen? And with that in mind, I’ve been able to get on with it and face each day without feeling so anxious and defeated. Zak also puts him down to sleep a lot and we’re just in a really nice place as a family. Can’t thank you enough

Yasemin - February 2020

After the birth of my daughter, we had a whole year of cosleeping with my 3yo son as we were all sleep deprived and on survival mode. He didn’t cope well with her arrival. I didn’t know how to help him sleep on his own again. We had tried to let him cry it out, and felt like we were really torturing him. As a working mum, it’s hard to set day time routines and even get him into bed at a decent time. I felt hopeless but found Beth and took a chance. I was skeptical at first as I felt like we had already tried a lot of things. We had a couple of phone call conversations and she really listened to the things I had to say and made me feel at ease even when I had very simple/silly questions to ask. It wasn’t an overnight miracle but surely and steadily we’ve made a lot of progress with my sons sleep. Some of the advice she gave me seemed like common sense but it was her keeping me accountable and setting some boundaries that I couldn’t do on my own. I wish I had the courage to ask for help and contacted Beth sooner. Thank you again! It’s really made the whole family happier.

Jenny - November 2019

I wish I had done this sooner! my 14 month old had been waking every 1-2 hours throughout the night for months and I had reached my sleep deprived limit. Beth gave me advice about how to make some changes to my daughter’s diet, daytime routine and night time rituals and within 4 days we were seeing huge improvements. we are now down to 2 short night wake ups with a plan on how to get my daughter to settle on her own during these wake ups. the phone consultation package was a very convenient way for me to get help as I am working full time and I’m so grateful for the coaching and support I received from Beth. Thank you!

Jess August 2019

“Beth and her team of angels are absolutely amazing at what they do. I was suffering with my 4 month old who was not sleeping more than 40min during the day, waking up 5 times a night and devastatingly not eating. My nurse Jackie who at home we nicknamed Mary Poppins was so understanding and empathetic. She showed me so many little techniques to help my little boy. Literally the day after my boy slept 12hrs only waking up once! I literally can go on and on at how amazing my experience was. Highly highly recommended worth every cent.”

Sylvia - May 2019

As someone who has made use of Mothercraft for Babies no less than four times over the past year or so, I could not recommend them enough! They have always been prompt to respond and Beth herself provides practical direction with a great, no nonsense but supportive approach. She also goes above and beyond to follow through with your case. I have also had Nurse Sonia come out to help twice and it has been an absolute life saver. Sonia has a beautiful calm approach and I have been awe struck with her magic sleep touch! More importantly, the settling techniques she showed me completely changed the sleep game for me and my baby and set us up on a self soothing path which I would have been lost without. Could not recommend highly enough, worth every cent!

Helen - 2019

Beth has been a huge support over the past year with my son’s health issues and I could not recommend her highly enough. She provided much needed helped with sleep and settling issues when we couldn’t see straight from sleep deprivation. Always sensible, always kind and oh so patient. She makes sure the whole family is considered when providing support and you never feel left alone.

When we confronted medical issues and needed referral options, Beth went above and beyond to ensure we got the help we needed. She truly cares and provides a service I haven’t come across before.

Kathy - January 2019