Parenting can take exhaustion to a whole new level with a household that isn’t sleeping. How often does it feel like the measure of your success as a parent ( by just about every baby “authority”
you know) is how long/often your baby or toddler sleeps? Bizarre.

And so much pressure from social media bloggers, well meaning family and friends, parental peer groups.

I follow some of the conversation threads on Mums Groups on social media with the intention of contributing  some help, guidance and balance.  So many sleep deprived and desperate parents searching for peer group referrals for that magical “sleep consultant” or baby sleep “trainer”. Even understanding what is considered normal “wakeful”  behaviour doesn’t make it any easier for parents, sometimes you do need help so you can get some much needed rest.

Big decisions and often big investment.

How do you make this informed decision with the right expert and someone you can trust?

Sadly, the “baby sleep consultant” industry is completely unregulated. “Consultants” are being certified through online courses. Often these people (with no doubt the best intentions) have no background in infant or maternal health.

Questions that need the right answers….are they qualified to assess the difference between a tired mum or a mum with postnatal mood disorders? Could they competently assess whether the baby has a feeding issue, intolerance or digestive issues and refer to suitable health professionals? Is your baby or toddler developmentally on track? Or would they simply implement their idea of sleep training?

Every  little baby has his or her own unique developmental blueprint and temperament and this will impact their needs for sleep (or lack of it). We can create an environment that supports our children’s development (and sleep) but we can’t force their development. Just like we can’t force a flower to bloom before it’s ready.

There are questions you MUST ask before you engage help. A guide for these questions is on our FAQS page on our website.

One “approach” doesn’t fit all!