The really hot days are upon us, so if you don’t have air-conditioning these suggestions will help keep you and baby more comfortable.

  1. An effective way to manage the temperature at home is to open all the suitable windows and balcony doors overnight to allow the cooler night air in. Then close same at the beginning of day to keep the heat out.
  2. Invest in some fans for the living areas and a small floor fan for your baby or toddlers bedroom facing away from the cot. It keeps the air moving and does lower the temperature a little to make it more comfortable to sleep in.
  3. Cotton singlets and wraps, cotton bed-linen, lots of fluids/breast feeds and regular light snacks are all hot weather essentials.
  4. ‘Just’ warm bath or shower may help (not cold please)
  5. And mums, same sort of care and attention for you too!

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