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Mamamia Podcast – “Year One” – Getting Sleep Sorted

Mamamia has recently launched a new Podcast series called “Year One” which is all about how to help you as a new parent, survive and enjoy, the first year of your child’s life. The Podcast series gives you practical, expert advice from an in house “dream team” of baby experts and I was delighted to […]

A Mothercraft Nurse is a baby or toddler sleep expert and consultant.

A Mothercraft nurse has specialist qualifications, knowledge and a depth of experience in Postnatal and Early Parenting care for newborns through to preschoolers. Our knowledge and training includes lactation and breastfeeding, responsive sleep and settle strategies, feeding issues, routine management, growth and development assessment, toddler behavioural management and maternal health. We have been trained to […]


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Ask the baby expert tip: Newborns in hot weather

The really hot days are upon us, so if you don’t have air-conditioning these suggestions will help keep you and baby more comfortable. An effective way to manage the temperature at home is to open all the suitable windows and balcony doors overnight to allow the cooler night air in. Then close same at the […]

Ask the baby expert: Newborn Routines

Most babies from around 2-3 months old start to respond to a more predictable rhythm or pattern to their day/night that reflects their developing needs for number of milk feeds, wake time and sleep cycles. Routines or rhythms that work have some flexibility that allows for the usual intrusions of daily life such as holidays, […]

Quick Tips for Bottle Feeding

For those mums who are using bottles for breast/formula feeding…did you know that if you warm the milk a little more (feels warm, not hot please when it touches your skin, inside wrist) the milk flow will quicken through the teat? And conversely if you need to slow the flow down due to gulping/wind then […]

Beth Barclay – Massaging Baby Interview – Femail Magazine

Interview by Brooke Hunter – Originally published Femail Magazine Beth Barclay, a registered Mothercraft nurse with over 20 years of experience supports the long held belief that baby massage has many benefits. It enhances baby and parent bonding through touch and skin to skin contact and helps reduce stress hormones while improving baby’s sleep patterns. […]

Bringing your newborn home, let’s keep it real

This past month I have been talking to many mums who are struggling to cope with caring for their newborns. It’s a pretty intense learning curve in the first few months, particularly if it is your first baby. During pregnancy there is lots of accessible, valuable support and advice available from health professionals and your […]